Gouache, I Love the Scotchmans

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Gain a glimpse into the effort and experience behind extreme Plein Air painting in the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, an annual trip where art meets advocacy.


Spanning the Idaho/Montana border, the Scotchmans are one of the last, and largest, wild areas in our region. The Friends of Scotchman Peaks conduct education, outreach and stewardship activities to preserve the rugged, scenic and biologically diverse 88,000 acre Scotchman Peaks Roadless Area. We believe the Scotchman Peaks deserve congressional designation as Wilderness for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.


Aaron Cordell Johnson (Gouache watercolor painter), Lindsay Ashton (FSPW/USFS Backcountry Intern), Sandy Compton (Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Program Coordinator, author, and guide), and Dapp trek into the heart of the Scotchmans for 5 days of pristine wilderness, thunderstorms and intense heat. Enjoy the paintings and 4K production that bring you there.


Paintings by Aaron Cordell Johnson



Become a friend of the Scotchman Peaks and help join the voice for its wilderness designation at:





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